One partner for the whole supply chain

Walpella was founded in 2011. After mergers with several functions of some major Finnish technological companies, Walpella grew into a full service manufacturing company.

Fast-growing workshop group Walpella consists of three separate production units, which are specialized in heavy machining, sheet metal working, welding and partial & final equipment assemblies. Walpella produces equipment and purchases the materials and components for the whole production process.

Walpella offers high-quality Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and New Product Development Support all under one roof in three production units.

The health and safety of our employees is a top priority for Walpella. We are committed to achieving excellence in Occupational Health and Safety and are continuously working to achieve this through the yearly action plans and daily routines.

HanlogHanlog provides advanced solutions for managing supplier networks.

Effective management of supplier network is one of the main competitive advantages in ever toughening market. In order to react on-time on rises and falls of the market cycles it is required to take care of transparent information management throughout the network. All parties of the network should be conscious and aware of the big picture and be able to react in appropriate way.

Hanlog has created solutions for demanding network management needs for manufacturing and procurement supplies. Innovative products meet the needs concerning procurement logistics. In addition, there is a wide range of service products including external supplier network management.