Production & Manufacturing

Experienced with established manufacturing, Walpella ensures quick and smooth transition of products from design to production and further on to the market. In addition, we offer on-site supervision and rebuild process projects handling.

We offer wide range of manufacturing services

Heavy machining  
Heavy welding Welding processes are certified and follow 3834-2 standards
  Welding processes: submerged arc welding (SAW), TIG and MAG
  Materials: structure steels, pressure vessel steel, high-strength steels, stainless and dublex steels (cladding welding structure to stainless)
  Variety of turning tables and heavy lifting possibilities
  Robot welding stations and SAW welding towers and portals
  Pre-fabrication: bending with plate press and (CNC) plate roll, drilling and machining


Process equipment Machines and components for tissue, board, and paper production
Energy equipment Components for stators, generators, turbines equipment and frames for hydro-, windpower and other equipment for energy production
Offshore equipment Machining ship propulsions and thruster systems equipment
Mining Drilling machines (total deliveries, including also assembly works)
  Conveyors (assembly)
  Screens/crushers equipment
  Components for material handling systems
Ports Components for container handling